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Coronavirus Pandemic in Senegal: Problem of Governance of the Coronavirus Crisis in Senegal.

The institutional framework for the management of this pandemic is inadequate: in Senegal it is the National Epidemic Management Committee that manages this crisis. However, this committee has many shortcomings:

This committee chaired by the Director of Health has a strictly medical approach to the crisis. In its composition only medical staff and the WHO are members. The other actors are advisory members.

Even the Ministry of Interior, which is the national focal point for disaster risk reduction, is not a member of this committee.

NGOs, civil society, private sector, journalists, communities are not included in this committee.

In fact, today we speak of Unique Health (ONE HEALTH). From this point of view, it is incomprehensible that the Ministry of Livestock and the Ministry of Environment, each of which manages animal health in its own way, are consultative members. Very aberrant!

The consequence: the committee has difficulty ensuring its leadership and establishing its imprint and influence in the strategy it has developed. The institutional anchoring of this committee is at the level of the Ministry of Health, which is not marked by great leadership.

As an alternative, the indicated institutional framework would be the National Platform for Risk Reduction, which has a global and integrated approach to disaster risk prevention and management and whose institutional anchorage is stronger because it is attached to the Prime Minister’s Office and coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior, which is also the focal point for disaster risk prevention and management.

The national platform is established by decree whereas the national epidemic management committee was born from a note signed by the Minister of Health.

The quality and relevance of the strategies developed very often depend on the size of the institutional framework.

Hence the need for the Senegalese government to review its current choice in order to win the fight against Covid19 more effectively and sustainably;

Mr Abdou Sané, expert in disaster risk reduction
President of the African Association for the Promotion of Disaster Risk Reduction (AADRR)

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